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machine learning interview question :

Which question mostly ask in interview for python developer?

welcome to python crash course tutorial, today we see different kind of question which ask in interview.  Let’s start:

machine learning interview question
fig 01)machine learning interview question-beginners-preparation

1] You are given a data set. The data set has missing values which spread along one deviation from the median. What percentage of data would remain unaffected? Why?
2] You are given a data set on corona detection. You’ve build a classification model and achieved an accuracy of 91%. Why should not you be happy with your model performance?
3] Why is naive Bayes so ‘naive’ ?
4] How to use Linear Regression? Explain with algorithm?
5] What is difference between logistic and linear regression?
6] Give the example of logistic regression?
7] Use of support vector machine in machine learning?

8] what is Natural language processing?
9] Explain prior probability, likelihood and marginal likelihood in context of naiveBayes algorithm?
10] You are working on a time series data set. You boss has asked you to build a high accuracy model. You start with the decision trees algorithm, since you know it works fairly well on all kinds of data. Later, you tried a time serie regression model and got higher accuracy than decision tree model. Can this happen? 
11] What are the advantages and disadvantages of neural networks?
12] How you can classify training and testing data?
13] What is deep learning?
14] What is supervised learning?
15] What is unsupervised learning?
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