pandas exercise and solution for python Tutorial | python course_04

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pandas exercise and solution:
Welcome to this pandas blog about data analysis with Python and the Pandas library. in the previous blog we see pandas operation so this post releted to exercise and solution. you will rememember we briefly looked at the pandas package as a way of quickly loading a .csv file to extract some data. This tutorial looks at pandas and the plotting package matplotlib in some more depths.

Blog Aims:

pandas exercise and solution for python
pandas exercise and solution for python Tutorial | python course_04

  1. Understand what Pandas is
  2. Ways of running Python and Pandas
  3. Understanding the basic Pandas data structures
  4. Learn how to access data from a Pandas DataFrame
  5. Learn how to filter data in a Pandas DataFrame
  6. Learn how to read and sort data from a file
  7. Understand the basics of the Matplotlib plotting.
  8. Learn how to bring together other packages to enhance your plots
  9. Learn how to customise the appearance of Matplotlib plots
  10. Be inspired to experiment further with Matplotlib
open the below drive for access drive exercise and solution link :

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