what is most interesting facts about python language

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what is most interesting facts about python language

There  are different  interesting facts about python language :
#1  Big branded Companies Using Python language
#2  Different Flavors in Python
#3  People prefer Python language over French etc.
All this interesting fact we will see one by one. So let’s start:
17 interesting facts about python language
17 interesting facts about python language

Big branded Companies Using Python language

There are Many big branded companies use python for their services.
 List shows Some of these branded companies:
  1. Netflix
  2. Expedia
  3. Reddit
  4. Quora
  5. MIT
  6. Disqus
  7. Hike
  8. Spotify
  9. Udemy
  10. Facebook
  11. Shutterstock
  12. Uber
  13. NASA
  14. Google
  15. Nokia
  16. IBM
  17. Mozilla
  18. Dropbox
  19. Pinterest
  20. Youtube
  21. Yahoo! Maps
  22. Walt Disney Feature Animation
  23. Amazon
  24. Mozilla
  25. Dropbox
  26. Pinterest
  27. Youtube

#2  Different Flavors in Python

  1. RubyPython
  2. PyPy
  3. CPython
  4. IronPython
  5. Jython
  6. Brython
  7. MicroPython

#3  People prefer Python language over French :

This is One of my favorite facts about Python programming language.In 2014 UK conduct the survey about Python language according  this report In primary, secondary schools Python language  most popular language in french and UK.Out of 100, 60 parents want to their children to learn Python. 

 #4 Why it is called as ‘Python’ 

This fourth interesting fact about python language. Why the exact name ‘Python’ and not any other kind of name choose? you know 

#5 Remember Python does not required compiler :

We know that Python code is stored in the form of a .pyc(extension) byte file, and then which is executed by an virtual machine like browser. This browser/machine act as a run-time engine for Python language. python is 

#6 Python is an open source language

Python community is an open source language

#7 With the help of list change the sequence :

for example:
listnum= [11,22,33,44,55,66,77]
listnum[: :-1]

#8 Python concatenate string literals and separated by a space

If you type string literals and separated by a space, then Python concatenate them.
 For example: ‘BREAK’ ‘UP’ becomes ‘BREAKUP’

#9 it’s possible to compaire two or more value

For example:

#10 Python not use the braces to delimit code

Like to C, C++ and Java Python not use the braces to delimit code. 
For example:
from_future_import braces
SyntaxError: not a chance

#11 function can return number of value as a tuple

In Python, a
For example:
def func() :
    return 06, ‘sachin’,85
roll, name, score=func ()
roll, name, score
(06, ‘sachin’,85)
**This is not possible in java, c, c++ like language.

#12 assign same value to different string

for example:
a,b= 3,4

#13 The Zen of Python poem

#14 Antigravity

Just type in import antigravity, it opens this library

#15 if else statement in python

For example:
for i in range (3):
    if i==8:
              print(‘love u’)
              print(‘hate u’)

get the value of the last expression

To get the value of the last expression, by use an _ sign
for example:
output: 75

#17  Pythons influenced JavaScript.

Some FAQ about python

Interesting things about python ( for that see all the 17 facts)

Interesting facts about coding( we covered different coding facts like if else statement)

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