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comparison python vs r vs sas vs spss

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python  vs r vs sas vs spss :

Welcome everyone, Today we will see comparison between  r vs python vs sas vs spss . So Let’s start :
what is Python ?
python  vs r vs sas vs spss
  python  vs r vs sas vs spss

1. python is best languages when learning to code :
If you are beginner to learn coding then mostly Python is your language of choice because It is one of the easy programming language to learn (it read and write like to plain English)

2. Python is heavily used in the IOT sector :
Most popular company use python algorithms platform for there services.

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Quora 
  • amazon etc. 
Advantages :
Powerful, fully-functional programming language
  1.  Latest availability of library Data science Learning and Machine Learning method
  2. Very easy to automate through scripts
  3. Extremely smart community support 
  4. Visualizations algorithms are easy to create
  5. Professional IDE environments are available
  6. object-oriented, functional and structured concepts
  7. A large number of stable package available
  8. Readable and clean syntax 
Disadvantages :
  1. Due to being a “full” programming language high bar of entry
  2. More licensing cost
  3. Only few statistical method are available
There are no user fees for the use of Python. However, in some special areas (e.g. text mining) not all packages are released for commercial use.
For Learning Python language we requires to learn a complete programming language
 Many good tutorials and trainings are available on the python tutorials point due to the language’s popularity. 

What is R?

R is a so popular and open-source language, it was developed in 1995 by Ross Robert Gentleman and Ihaka. R is used by statisticians and data miners for performing statistical computations and modeling hence it is most widely used. it is commonly used with RStudio
Advantages :
  1.  It is provide Very well community support, as also fee-based support via third-party provider.
  2. Easy free help resources also available like tutorials, exercise/solution.
  3. R is Very powerful and flexible  language e.g. support oop and Windows, Linux, MacOS
  4. R include very large range of functions 
  5. New statistical function are quickly implemented
  6. R is easy to automate and integrate 
Disadvantages :
  1. when we working with very large data sets then it’s required powerful hardware
  2. very costly Licensing mode
  3. R stores it object files in a physical memory so it’s produce problem.
Conclusion :
 R is a basically vey good choice for different user that plan to deal more extensively with statistics and not restricted by their statistical program.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) :

SAS is one of the best Institute they offers a professional statistics software.
This software commonly used in banking sector,biometrics and in the clinical research.SAS is popular for data management, multivariate analysis,predictive analytics and business intelligence etc.
Advantage :
  1. In SAS numerous module and interface are available for free.
  2. It’s ability to handling large data sets
  3. very stable and reliable routines and fast integration of new statistical methods
  4. It’s provide very professional support and good documentation
  5. SAS offers good security to its users.
  6. It provides to load large volume of data for scalable and stable software that allow the companies
Disadvantage :
  1. SAS is a not open source software ( have to buy a licence for using it)
  2. SAS not contained most features in graphical visualisations. 
  3. but mostly some of the features in SAS are very limited. 
  4. It’s supported different, partly complicated program languages
  5. costly licensing model
Conclusion :
SAS offers good security to its users.It provides to load large volume of data for scalable and stable software that allow the companies

SPSS (Statistical Process for Social Sciences) :

It is one of the most widely-used statistics programs. SPSS is not open source language, it’s requires a licence for use. The IBM Statistical Process for Social Sciences Software is for advanced analytics,  trend analysis, translation of business problems into data science solutions and validation of assumptions text analytics.SPSS is particularly very easy to use
Advantage :
  1. Easy and simple to learn
  2. Expandable through commercial modules 
  3. Extensive literature i.e.available for Windows and MacOS
Disadvantage :
  1. Stability has suffered change from the short.
  2. licensing are very costly
  3. SPSS has a limited data storage facility as compare SAS
Some FAQ about   python  vs r vs sas vs spss 

1. Which is better SPSS or SAS?
Answer is both are better because
i. The documentation is much better in SPSS and it’s gives better clarity on algorithms but SAS has a not as good a visual interface as compare to SPSS.  in
ii.  In SAS Data processing is faster as compared to SPSS. but in SPSS if only small amount of data present that time it’s process data quickly.

2. Which is better SAS R or Python?
we know that SAS is easiest to learn as compare to R and python as well as it’s provide good GUI. In second point of view python is high level and easy to learn as compare to R language.

3. Which is easier Python or R?
we all ready see that python is high level and easy to learn as compare to R language. Hence python easier than R language.

Conclusion :
SPSS is basically used in different universities, psychology and particularly in the social sciences .

Summary :
In this article we saw the comparison between  python  vs r vs sas vs spss. I hope you like this article if any query about this section then comment please.

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