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explain advantages and disadvantages in machine learning

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Advantages and disadvantages of Machine Learning :

Welcome everyone, In this article we will learn which is advantages and disadvantages of Machine Learning ? First, we will talk about the Advantages of Machine Learning. so Let’s start:
explain advantages and disadvantages in machine learning
advantages and disadvantages in machine learning

Advantages of Machine Learning

  • Efficient Handling of Data
  • Best for Education and Online Shopping
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Automation for everything
  • Automation of Everything
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Trends and patterns identification
  • Scope of Improvement
There is a number of advantages of Machine Learning. So, let’s have a see at the some advantages of Machine Learning :
1. Efficient Handling of Data
Machine Learning has so many things that make it special. One of them is handling the data. Machine Learning plays the important role when it comes to data. 
Machine Learning can handle any type of data. Machine Learning can be support different types of data. These special handling data that normal systems can’t do.
2. Best for Online Shopping and Education
Machine Learning has a best scope in the future for education. It provides very super tech. to help student in study. Recently in China, a school mostly focus on machine Learning to improve student focus.In online shopping, the machine Learning would provide advertisements. 
3.Continuous Updated
Machine Learning algorithms are depend on which data that we provide. If we provided the new data, the model is make decisions improve with subsequent training. 
4. Automation of Everything
Machine Learning is one of the biggest source to responsible for cutting the workload and time.
Due to machine Learning, we are now designing more advanced computers system. These computers can handle various kind of smart work using machine Learning models and algorithms 
5. Different wide Range of Applications
Machine Learning has a different variety of applications.Machine Learning  has its role everywhere in world from banking to science,medical, business and tech.
It’s also play a major role in customer interaction. Machine Learning can help in the medical for detection of diseases like cancer more quickly.That is why investing in machine Learning technology is worth it.
6.Trends and patterns identification in machine learning :
Various Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforced learning algorithms can be used for various classification and regression problems in machine learning.
7.Use in wide range of applications
Machine Learning is used in almost in every industry, for example from Online shopping to Education. With the help of past data companies generate profits, automate, predict the future, cut costs,analyze trend, predict the future,  and patterns from the past data, and many more. for example Applications like GPS Tracking for traffic
8. Scope of Improvement
Machine Learning is become the most popular technology in future. There is a lot of scope in machine Learning to become the top technology in the future world. 
Machine Learning help us to improve both software and hardware component. In hardware component, we have various laptops and GPU system. These help in the faster processing power of the computer system.we have to use various UI and libraries software. These software help in designing more efficient algorithms.

Disadvantages of Machine Learning :

  1. Data Acquisition
  2. Time and Space
  3. Time-consuming
  4. Possibility of High Error
  5. Algorithm Selection
In the first section we saw the different advantage of machine learning so it’s time to see Disadvantages of Machine learning :
1. Data Acquisition
In machine learning we need to wait for the new data to arrive. If we not do this then old and new data might give different results and this not a good sign for an algorithm.
1. Possibility of High Error
In Machine Learning, we can choose the algorithm based on correct results.The main problem make in the training and testing of data.
2. Time and Space
Many machine learning algorithm sometime take more time than you think. Even best algorithm also sometimes surprise you. If your processing data is large and advanced, then system will take time. 
This is similar to Time and Space
4. Algorithm Selection
The Algorithm Selection in Machine Learning is  a manual task to run model with different algorithms and identify the most accurate algorithm depends based on the results. so it is a disadvantage.

Summary :

In this article we saw the different Advantages and Disadvantages of machine learning. If you have any question about this article then comment me.
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