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which is basic terminology of python

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which is basic terminology of python

Welcome everyone, Today we will learn different python terminologies. Basically you must need to know which is basics python terminologies so Let’s start see this :
Learn different python terminologies
Learn different python terminologies

List of python terminologies :

  • Mutable
  • Nested loop
  • Object 
  • Object oriented
  • Parameter
  • Methods
  • Module
  • MRO
  • Lambda
  • List
  • List comprehension
  • Literal
  • List length
  • Loader 
  • Loop

1. mutable

A mutable data type is one that during the program execution it can change its value.
2. Nested loop
Always remember that nested loop refer to a loop within another loops. 
3. Object
An object is a collection of different methods and data.
4. Object-oriented
OOP is a programming concept that is based on objects. 
5. parameter
Parameter also denote the argument values a function can accept.
6. Methods
Python Methods are functions along with an objects. For example, if obj is an object and med() is its methods, we call it as
7. module
A module is a one of the type of file consisting of Python code.
8. MRO (Method Resolution Order)
 It defines the sequence in which Interpreter look for a methods in a hierarchy of class.
9. lambda                                                                                            
Lambda is a one keyword that provide you to create lambda functions. 
>>> sach = lambda x, y: x + y
>>> sach(5, 6)
Now, sach is a function that take two argument and return them to sum.
10. list
A list in Python is nothing but collection of objects and this object can be of different types. 
list1 = [‘Passion is love’, 2, 9.0]
11. List comprehension
For create lists in a concise manner we use list compression methods. 
list1 = [i for i in range(12)]
>>> list1
[0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12]
12. Literals
Literal are nothing but data item that have a fixed value. 
13. List length
It’s show size of a list, that is, the number of elements contained in the list.
14. loader
It’s loads the module that is being imported.
15. loop
It’s used for iterating over a sequence i.e. dictionary, set,list, tuple, string. Python include two loops: for and while.

Summary :

In this article we saw the different python terminologies. If about this section you have any query then comment please
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