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python update

Immediately upgrade python version 3.5 to the latest version

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Immediately Upgrate Python Version 3.5 To The Latest Version
python update

On October 2 2020 Finally, python 3.5 is out of support i.e. there will be no more any bug fixes or security patches for the 3.5 series, and as such Python version 3.5.10 will be the final release.

So what is exact solution for this problem?

For remaining python 3.5 users it need to upgrade it’s older version to new one, for that goes to python official site and download it.

According to the TIOBE index, python is also closing the gap with java in the league tables.( TIOBE is a comparison mixture of different things like “programming language” popularity, so it can compares different non comparable things like if they would be similar or not.)

PEP: 478  Python 3.5 Release Schedule

Title of update:Python 3.5 Release Schedule
Author/s:Larry Hastings <larry at>
Status:In Active
Table of python 3.5 info.

“Python is completely closing the gap with Java in terms of its popularity with programmer worldwide”=According to the TIOBE programming community index for October 2020. 

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 The python index, which provides an indicator of the popularity of python programming languages based on their use by professional engineers around the worldwide, which indicates that Python is fast approaching the number two spot and now holds just a 1.35% gap behind Java.

Summary: This article is based on latest update on python security patches for the 3.5 series. so friends if you enjoy this article post then please comment and share.

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