Python code for IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp project

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In this article we will complete the our second project Topic : Python code for IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp . in this project we use Zerytnh App to control a NeoPixel LED strip via mobile using the Zerytnh App, that shows a color picker and a menu for the selection of various pre-configured animations.

Python Code For IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp Project
Python Code For IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp Project

Follow the following step one by one :

step 1 : project pre-requirement 

Zerynth Elements:

  1. Zerynth Studio
  2. Zerynth App
  3. Zerynth Shield

Other products :

Arduino DUE / ST Nucleo F401RE / ParticlePhoton./ UDOO or Flip&Clip by Mikroelektronika.

step 2 : connectivity for Python code for IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp project

  •  Just connect the Zerynth Shield and wifi Shield onto your Arduino IDE. If you use Particle Photon just connect it onto the dedicated connectors on the Zerynth Shield.
  • And then Connect the NeoPixel LEDs to the related port on the Zerynth Shield.
  • finally Put all the boards and the LEDs into the Lamp.

step 3 : Python programming code for Python code for IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp :

# First you need to import needed modules 

import streams

from bcm43362 import bcm43362 as wifi_driver

from wireless import wifi

import animation

from toishield  import toishield

# After import the above library or module import you need to import the zerynthapp module

from zerynthapp import zerynthapp


# Below code use for connecting the wifi network



    print("Establishing Link...")"SSID",wifi.WIFI_WPA2,"password")



except Exception as e:


# save the template.html in the board flash with new_resource


#### ZerynthApp Setup

# :: Javascript to Python ::

# the following functions will be called when buttons are pressed

def change_color(r, g, b):

    animation.setup_color(r, g, b)

def change_animation(n):


def change_speed(n):


# configure the Zerynth app with a name, a descripton and the template url

vp = zerynthapp.ZerynthApp("Zerynth Lamp", "Try me!", "resource://template.html")

# everytime Javascript generates events the corresponding functions are called

vp.on("change_color", change_color)

vp.on("change_animation", change_animation)

vp.on("change_speed", change_speed)

# run the ZerynthApp!

# since starts a new thread, you can do whatever else you want down here!

# let's control leds

animation.start(D6, 24)

Finally we are finished the coding works, If you have any query regarding this project then visit to arduino official site.

Summary :In this article we saw Python code for IoT Ambient Light Zerynth Lamp. if any problem about this project then please ask me.


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