modulo operator in python 3.9

modulo operator in python 3.9

Welcome everyone, Today we will see Modulo Operator python,Modulo Operator python for negative number,How does a modulo operator work?,What is the use of modulo operator?,How do you find modulo?,What is the symbol of modulus operator?
so let’s start:

Modulo Operator python
Modulo Operator python

Modulo operator is show by the percent sign (%).
The syntax for Modulo Operator python is :

numx % numy
For example
11 % 2

If any case the divisor result is equal to zero then output show ZeroDivisionError:

11 % 0
ZeroDivisionError: modulo by zero.

The modulo operator also work on floating numbers as arguments:
for example:

4.8 % 1.2

Remember % character represents the interpolation operator.(formatting strings)
modulo operator is used for different purpose like One of the most common use is to check whether a number is even or odd.
If a given number divided by 2 and has no remainder, then this number is even number. Otherwise it is odd.
EXAMPLE 01) Check for even or odd number:

numx = 15
if (numx % 5) == 0:
   print(num, “is even no.”)
   print(num, “is odd no.”)
15 is even no.

If you run the code above, 15 % 5 leaves a remainder of 0 and the code inside the else statement is executed:
15 is even no.
EXAMPLE 02) Check for prime number:

def is PrimeNumber(numb):
  if numb < 1:
    return False
  for i in range(2, numb):
    if (numb % i) == 0:
      return False
    return True

In this example first, we have to checking if the number, num is a positive number or negative(it’s required positive number). Next step is checking whether the number is divisible by another number in the range from 2 to number without any reminder. If none of the conditions are satisfy, the result is prime number.

Modulo Operator python for negative number:

Most complex mathematics task is taking modulo of a negative number, which is done behind the program of Python.
(x+y)mod z = [(x mod z)+(y mod z)]mod z
To apply this math to given statement as –

-3 % 7 = ( -1*7 + 4 ) % 7 = 4 

This was done so that the (-1*7)%7 will give the answer as 4
Let’s see more examples for better understanding.
Example #1 :
By using this mathematics, we can see able to perform and understand the negative modulo.

11 % 0
ZeroDivisionError: modulo by zero.

# Using negative modulo in python

res1 = -35% 5
res2 = – 17 % 5
Output :


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