python code for Face Tracking Using arduino IDE

Face Tracking Using arduino with the help of python code

It is possible to Face Tracking Using arduino with the help of python code . so in this article we will see step by step procedure for Face Tracking using Arduino python code friends let’s start : Step 1: Some pre-requirements For Face Tracking Using Arduino IDE: Hardware :Servos x 2BreadboardArduino UNOWeb CamServo Pan … Read more

How to conda create with python version 3.10

How To Conda Create With Python Version 3.10How To Conda Create With Python Version 3.10

At the command line wondow create your new environment, here called “sachpython3” otherwise you can call it what you want to wish: how to activate the environment for python: We mostly preferred to you install Anaconda, which will auto-matically use Python 3. Use following command line for install anaconda  and then you need to additional … Read more

which is the python 3.10 release date

python 3.10 release date

Congrats, python developer announced that detailed schedules of the python 3.10 release date In the python official site show that the created schedule python 3.10 release date is Monday, 2020-MAY-18 to final predicted date is Monday, 2021-october-04 SO let’s see in detailed : Title python 3.10 release date Official Author Pablo Galindo Salgado Blogger Author … Read more

Which is major new features of the python 3.10 series as compared to 3.9

New Features Of The python 3.10 Series

Many new features for Python 3.10 as compare to 3.9 are still being planned and written. Among the few new major new features are following : PEP 623 —  This PEP 623 planning removal of wstr, and wstr_length with deprecated APIs using these members by Python 3.12. PEP 604 — PEP proposes overloading the | operator on types to allow … Read more

Python 3.10.0a2 is finally available for testing

Python 3.10.0a2 Is Finally Available For Testing

We know that Python 3.10 is still in development and they are released 3.10.0a2 version is the second of six planned alpha releases. Let’s go to here: This is an latest developer preview of Python 3.10 Alpha releases are intended to make it easier to test the current state of new features and bug … Read more

python 3.8.6 Positional-only parameters

python 3.8.6 Positional-only parameters

The Python 3.8 series is the newest feature release by the Python language, and it contains many updated features. So let’s see the “What is exactly new in python 3.8.6 ?” One of the most important feature is python 3.8.6 Positional-only parameters , so let’s see : In this article, we will learn Positional-only parameter … Read more

How to automating Facebook posts using python script.

learn How to automating Facebook posts using python script?

Welcome everyone to another my interesting python post article, Do you want to learn How to automating Facebook posts using python script? but you Don’t know how to do it? then please follow the below methods and instruction. so let’s start:  we know that Facebook is the world most popular social media platform so many … Read more