Python for Data Science: A Step-by-Step Guide

python for data science

The number of employed data scientists increased from 30% to 60% between 2020 and 2021.Demand in data science is growing because of the need to uncover valuable insights from the massive volume of generated enterprise data. Introduction It gives companies competitive leverage with accurate business predictions and robust reporting. Getting started in data science can … Read more

The Best 10 Python Libraries for E-Commerce

best 10 python e-commere libraries

Python libraries are bundles of codes that can be used repeatedly without writing them from scratch every time.The inbuilt Python module contains more than 200 libraries to help you build your own business. But, not all of them are useful for e-commerce or analytics.Fear not, we’ve listed the best 10 Python libraries that will help … Read more

Computer Codes for Cyber Security

Computer Codes for Cyber Security

Introduction : The cases of cybercriminals are rising at an alarming rate. In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission received 4.8 million fraudster reports. This increased by 45% compared to 2019, which recorded 3.3 million.It’s necessary to boost cybersecurity to discourage hackers. A proxy server is a system that offers a gateway between the internet and … Read more

how to create and implementing contact book / address using python

how to create and implementing contact book / address using python

Python programming language is used to create a list of contacts . Dictionaries’ are used to store the names and contact details of people  . Dictionary is the most preferred choice because it follows the method of keys and values i.e it assigns a key for every value stored in it  . In case of … Read more

How to read and write file from remote server using python

Introduction to Remote Server in python :The standard Python module multiprocessing got introduced in Python 2.6 and makes creating simple client and server applications in extremely easy way. In this article we will learn how to read and write local/remote files. But why ? Reason is it allows accessing arbitrary file it is probably a … Read more

how to make your own MP3 music player in python using Tkinter

The media player is in dark theme with all the functionalities of a modern media player we can adjust the volume from the player switch back and front to previous and next songs. We can shuffle our playlist and also can move the song to any position as we want using the song slider. Which … Read more

How to download Pandas Dataframe as CSV in Django

How to download Panda Dataframe as CSV in Django

There can be three ways in which either we can download pandas dataframe or output the pandas dataframe as Excel or CSV in django. The ways are discussed below:- Step 1 : download pandas dataframe by mounting our drive in Django Follow following steps one by one • Import drive and pandas library modules• Mount … Read more