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christmas python code for 2021

Best christmas greetings using python code

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In this article we will see how to write simple python code to wishing to someone for this merry christmas in 2021.

So Let’s see:

we use three Random wishing quits, when we run this program we got different random output at each time

Merry Christmas in python

import random
def ChooseWord(wordlist) :
	word = random.choice(wordlist)
	return word
def PickRandomNumber(ns) :
	n = random.choice(ns)
	return n

def IWishYou(second, third) :
	noun = ChooseWord(third)
	adjective = ChooseWord(second)
	print("I wish you a " + adjective + " " + noun + ".")

def IHopeTo(fourth, fifth) :
	verb = ChooseWord(fourth)
	adverb = ChooseWord(fifth)
	print("I hope " + verb + " you " + adverb + ".")

def HaveA(second, third) :
	adjective = ChooseWord(second)
	noun = ChooseWord(third)
	print("Have a " + adjective + " " + noun + ".")

def Salutation(first) :
	salutation = ChooseWord(first)
	print(salutation + "!")

def SignOff(endings) :
	end = ChooseWord(endings);

def GenerateChristmasGreeting() :  
	first =  ["Happy Christmas from sach", "Merry Christmas from educational", "Season's Greetings from support", "Happy New Year in advanced from sachin"]
	second=  ["wonderful", "joyous", "peaceful"]
	third =  ["few weeks", "christmas"]
	fourth=  ["to be with", "to meet up with"]
	fifth =  ["soon", "in the new year"]
	endings= ["love with you","All my love"]
	templatesleft = list(range(0,NUMBER_OF_TEMPLATES))
	while len(templatesleft)>0 :
		sentencechoice = PickRandomNumber(templatesleft)
		if (sentencechoice == 0) :
			IWishYou(second, third)
		elif (sentencechoice == 1) :
			IHopeTo(fourth, fifth)
		elif (sentencechoice == 2) :
			HaveA(second, third)
		else :
			print("I'm lost for words")



This below window appear after running this code

christmas code in python
Christmas in python
Christmas image in python
Christmas image in python

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