help() and dir() function in python tutorials point

Help() And Dir() Function In Python Tutorials Point

In this article we are going to learn one important function regarding python functionality so let’s see: What is the use of help() in python with example? help() is basically a guide that lends a helping hand to any programmer.  To speak technically, it is used to execute the built-in help system. Syntax : help(object) … Read more

Reverse a linked list hackerrank solution python

Reverse A Linked List Hackerrank Solution Python

Linked list  12->24->23->84->7Reversed list 7->84->23->24->12A linked list is a data structure which is made of a chain of node objects. Eachnode consist of a value and a pointer. Pointer(memory location) which is link tothe next node in the chain. In linked list we can perform insertion, deletion operation too.The head pointer points to the … Read more

Built-in scope Global scope Local scope Non local scope in python

Built-In Scope Global Scope Local Scope Non Local Scope In Python

In python, when you create variables, sometimes you create them inside a function, sometimes at the beginning of the program, so when you create a variable and place it at different places in the program, that refers to scope of a variable in python. Local scope in python : Local scope: it is also called … Read more

python code for round to two decimals

Python Code For Round To Two Decimals

  we know that Python round() function requires two arguments. First is the number to be rounded.  And Second argument decides the number of decimal places to which it is rounded.  So to round the number to 2 decimals, give second argument as 2. If third digit after decimal point is greater than 5, then … Read more

What’s benefits of Python programming?

What's Benefits Of Python Programming? What Is A Dynamically Typed Language? What Is PEP 8 And Why Is It Important?

What’s benefits of Python programming? Python is a Object-oriented High level programming language ,consistingof fast open source libraries to work on ,The benefits of using python are asfollows:- Vast Open Source libraries to work on. Simple and easy to learn User friendly Using Python we can work on emerging technologies like machinelearning and data science … Read more

Which database is best for Python ?

Which Database Is Best For Python

Databases are collection of tables which consists of rows and columns. These databases are an important part of any organization or company. These databases support Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL can be used to access, create or modify these databases. Additionally, these databases support database normalization rules for avoiding redundancy of data.  The Python programming … Read more

PYTHON INTERVIEW QUESTIONS for beginner-experienced professionals


We know that Python is a very popular language for Data Science and Machine learning. A lot of companies are looking for a software developers proficient in Python programming language. This book contains all Python interview questions from basic to expert level and this question mostly as in MNC (interviewer asks). Each question is accompanied … Read more

django admin interface Django tutorials point

What Is Django Admin Interface In Django Tutorials Point

What is Django Admin Interface in Django Tutorials Point Django provide a built –in admin module which can be used to performcreate ,update ,read and delete operation on the model directly .It is timeefficient ,and you can easily test your model .whether it contain right data or not .It provide instant interface .(django .contrib .admin … Read more

difference between a project and app in Django python tutorials points

Difference Between A Project And App In Django Python Tutorials Points

A project is a collection of application . whereas an app are small Submodule in project which are responsible for handling single functionEcommereceCustomer product Authentication In above example E-commerce is a project and customer ,product ,authenticationetc. are the apps associated with it.If you combine them all into a single app then code changes will be … Read more