python code for smartphone controlled mouse using arduino IDE

Python Code For Smartphone Controlled Mouse Using Arduino IDE

In this article we are going to make project : arduino base  smartphone controlled mouse using python code project. so guys let’s start Step 1: pre-requirement  Arduino IDE Bluetooth module (HC-05) Python 3.7 Envi. setup Android Application : you need to simply implement Android App using MIT APP INVENTER  you can take the reference from … Read more

How to conda create with python version 3.10

How To Conda Create With Python Version 3.10How To Conda Create With Python Version 3.10

At the command line wondow create your new environment, here called “sachpython3” otherwise you can call it what you want to wish: how to activate the environment for python: We mostly preferred to you install Anaconda, which will auto-matically use Python 3. Use following command line for install anaconda  and then you need to additional … Read more

How to automating Facebook posts using python script.

learn How to automating Facebook posts using python script?

Welcome everyone to another my interesting python post article, Do you want to learn How to automating Facebook posts using python script? but you Don’t know how to do it? then please follow the below methods and instruction. so let’s start:  we know that Facebook is the world most popular social media platform so many … Read more

Different types of Python Command Line Arguments

Command Line Arguments

In the command line shell of the operating system, the arguments that are given after the name of the program are known as Command Line Arguments. We know that Python Command line arguments are input parameter passed to the script when executing them in sequence. In this programming world mostly all programming language provide support … Read more