Commonly Used Built-In Modules In Python-Local Variables And Global Variables In Python

What Are Local Variables And Global Variables In Python?

What are python modules? Name some commonly used built-in modules in Python? Python Module is a file which is created by developers where they placed the definitions of program to be used them in a script. In simple words, it’s a file that contains Python definitions and statements.Some commonly used built-in-modules in Python are –a.) … Read more

List / Tuples and Key Features Of Python

Difference Between List And Tuples In Python

What is the difference between list and tuples in Python? List Tuple 1) List are mutable that means we can do changes in listExample:lis=[1,2,3]lis.append(4)print(lis)output:- [1, 2, 3, 4] Tuple are immutable that’s means we cannot do changes in tuple after the tuple declarationExample:t=(1, 2, 3, 4)t.append(5)Output:- AttributeError: ‘tuple’ object has no attribute ‘append’from above example … Read more

Break, Continue, Pass Work and self In Python

How does break, continue and pass work in python? Break is a keyword used as a statement in loops (eg- if-else, while, etc)to terminate the current loop or to exit the current loop execution and continues with the next statement/ loop.while a > 0:print(‘value :’, a)a = a -1if a == 5:break Continue is a … Read more

Is, Not And In Operators in python

What is the purpose of is, not and in operators? Not Operator:- It is logical operators and its meaning is true if operand is false.Example :- Is Operator:- It is identity operators and its meaning is true if the operands are identical.Example :- In Operator:- It is membership operators and its meaning is true if … Read more

docstring python example code step by step

Docstring Python Example Code

What are docstrings in Python with example? Python documentation string is commonly known as docstring operator. It is a string literal and used in the module definition, class, function, method or description. Docstrings are declared using ”’ triple single quotes ”’ or ” ” ” triple double quotes ” ” ” and are accessed through … Read more

Python 3.8.7 is finally now available

Python 3.8.7 Is Finally Now Available

Note: python 3.8.7 is a bugfix release version for the 3.8 series which was superseded by Python 3.9 We know that Python 3.8.7 is the seventh maintenance release of Python 3.8 series .  If you want to download it then go get it here ( official site): Python developer now planned for python 3.8.8 … Read more

Python 3.9.1 is now available


Hello friends, Latest update announced by python community is Python 3.9.1 is the first maintenance release version of Python 3.9. The first version of Python to support macOS on Apple Silicon. Python 3.9.1 new syntax features : PEP 614 update : relaxed grammar restrictions on decorators. PEP 584 update : union operators added to dict; … Read more

python code for Social Distancing Detector Using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi

Python Code For Social Distancing Detector Using OpenCV And Raspberry Pi

 Introduction : Hey guys How are you in Covid-19 ? I think all is well and Healthy. Today’s project is related to Social Distancing so don’t worry, implement this simple python base project and stay secure : Social Distancing Detector Using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi; Let’s start : Basically we need to implement this project … Read more

Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms step by step

Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms Step By Step

Introduction : Hey guys, in this article i am share my one internship Machine learning project code, which is Prediction using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms. so let’s see : Project Task : To predict the percentage of a student based on the number of study Hours Step 01) We need to first installed all required … Read more

plotting real time data from arduino uno using python code

Plotting Real Time Data From Arduino Uno Using Python Code

 Introduction : plotting real time data from arduino uno using python code is one of the best way to help you gain information about what is happening. For example Tracking the real time traffic of your blog website or analysis real time data of facebook ads etc.  Pre-requirement : Arduino IDE Python Ide Arduino UNO … Read more