How to conda create with python version 3.10

How To Conda Create With Python Version 3.10
How To Conda Create With Python Version 3.10

At the command line wondow create your new environment, here called “sachpython3” otherwise you can call it what you want to wish:

conda create -n sachpython3 python=3

how to activate the environment for python:

source activate sachpython3

We mostly preferred to you install Anaconda, which will auto-matically use Python 3.

Use following command line for install anaconda 

conda install anaconda

and then you need to additional install, netcdf4-python so use following command line

conda install netcdf4

Now you have set-up your Python 3 environment. To start it in a new terminal

source activate sachpython3

When you are using that environment your prompt will change and will include (sachpython3). To return to using your “base” environment you can de-activate the conda environment with:

source deactivate

Some FAQ about

How do I change the Conda version in Python?

step 1 st :  Open up your terminal.
for windows use win + R 
step 2 nd : Then you need to which version you was prev. installed.
For that use following command line
python –version
step 3rd : and finally for the change python version use following command line
conda install python=3.5.

Summary :

In this article we saw about How to install conda version and change it to new updated. So friends about this article you have any problem then please comment me


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