Basic of modbus to dnp3 protocol converter | DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol)

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In the previous article we saw Difference between CAN vs modbus protocol and modbus best simulators so in this article we will see Basic of modbus to dnp3 protocol converter so let’s see:

What is DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol)

DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) has been used by electric companies. DNP3 has two main advantages. First, it supports unsolicited responses, so a DNP3 field device can actively send messages when a specific event occurs. Second, it supports the time stamp feature, so data can be tracked regardless of the frequency of polling. DNP3 is very popular.

Basics of DNP3 protocol converter

Serial-to-Ethernet gateway supports multiple Modbus to DNP3 conversions, including Modbus RTU/ASCII, Modbus TCP, and DNP3 serial/TCP/UDP protocols. As these conversions can be performed within a single model . This can either convert protocols using the transparent mode or perform different roles.
Protocol conversion is challenging to understand the roles of the system and configure different parameters correctly. Mox’s MGate gateways are configured by using a user-friendly web console that walks through the entire setup process, helping users avoid making errors.

How to modbus to dnp3 protocol works

  1. The MGate 5109 can also auto detect the points index for each binary input, binary output, counter, analog input, and analog output.
    For troubleshooting or management purposes, users can first monitor the system status by using the diagnose function, which detects the communication status of the DNP3, the diagnose function can also detect the status of each of the points, including on/off and analog values.
  2. The MGate 5109 supports a protocol traffic monitoring tool, which provides the Modbus RTU/ASCII or DNP3 with data passing through the gateway on the serial network. Rather than simply echoing the data, it presents the data in easy to understand format with designated fields, including source, type, destination, contents. Events can be filtered in different ways and the complete log can be saved as a file for later analysis.
  3. The MGate 5109 series gateways support Modbus and DNP3 Protocol Traffic Monitor for easy troubleshooting, during the installation stage. Communication issues could be caused by incorrect software parameters, such as slave ID and register address, or incorrect command configuration. With Modbus/DNP3 Protocol Traffic Monitor, you can check the captured data and easily identify the root cause.

Summary :

In this article we saw Basic of modbus to dnp3 protocol converter | DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) about this article you have any query then free to ask me.

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