You are currently viewing which is basic communication protocol in embedded c
which is basic communication protocol in embedded c

which is basic communication protocol in embedded c

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In this article we will see which is basic communication protocol in embedded c because most of the interviewers ask this questions in 99%. so student must need to prepare this question for interview or exam purposed. let’s see:

What is Communication protocols in embedded system

we know basically protocol is implemented by combination of the both software and hardware. The main definition is it is a set of rules that allow two or more communication systems to communicate data with the help of any physical medium.

In electronics system processor or controller takes input from the physical world peripherals like different sensors, actuators etc. so it’s need to communicate different electronics sensor with each other and that happens with the help of communication protocols. There are so many different protocols are available for embedded systems depending upon the application area.

which is basic communication protocol in embedded c
which is basic communication protocol in embedded c

Two types of protocols in embedded system

Basically Classification of protocols is based on the two types

  1. Intra system protocol
  2. Inter system protocol

In this article we will see both types of the protocols one by one

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Intra system communication protocol in embedded system

In Intra system protocol communication happen between components within the circuit board. In embedded systems, intra system protocol increases the number of components connected to the processor or controller.

Three types of Intra system communication protocol

  1. I2C protocol
  2. CAN protocol
  3. SPI protocol
I2C protocol Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C):

Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C) is a serial communication protocol founded by Philips Semiconductors company. The main aim of this protocol is to provide connect between peripheral chips with microcontroller. In embedded systems, all peripheral devices are connected as memory mapped devices to the microcontroller.

In I2C protocol SDA (Serial Data Line) and SCL (Serial Clock Line) is used to carry information between devices. These two wires are active in bidirectional mode.

SPI protocol Serial Peripheral Interface :

SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) is one type of the serial communication protocol developed by Motorola company. It is a mainly 4-wire communication protocol namely :

  • MOSI (Master Out Slave In),
  • MISO (Master In Slave Out,
  • SS (Slave Select), and
  • SCLK (Serial Clock).
CAN protocol Controller Area Network :

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a another type of serial communication protocol developed by the Robert Bosch for intra vehicular communication purpose. It basically requires two wires CAN High (H+) and CAN low (H-) for data transmission. remember that CAN protocol is based on a message oriented communication protocol.

Inter system communication protocol in embedded system

Inter system protocols establish communication between two communicating devices like between PC and microprocessor controller kit, developmental boards, etc. In this case, the communication is achieved through inter bus system.

Three types of inter system communication protocol

  1. USB communication protocol
  2. UART communication protocol
  3. USART communication protocol
UAB (Universal Serial Bus) communication protocol

USB stand for Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a two-wired serial communication protocol in embedded system.
USB protocol sends and receives the data serially between master and slave/ external peripheral devices through data signal lines D+ and D-.

UART(Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) communication protocol

UART stand for Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) is not a communication protocol but just a physical piece of hardware which converts parallel data into serial data. main function of this protocol is to transmit and receive data serially. UART is basically two-wired i.e., the serial data is handled by Tx (Transmitter) and Rx (Receiver) pins.

USART (Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) communication protocol

USART stand for Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USART) . which is identical to that of UART with only added functionality synchronous. That is, the transmitter will generate a clock signal which will be recovered at the receiver end from the data stream transmitted without knowing baud rate ahead.

Summary :

In this article we saw which is basic communication protocol in embedded c so about this section you have query then free to ask me

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