How can you set up the database in Django step by step

How Can You Set Up The Database In Django Step By Step

Django offers its own default database of sqllite3. You can use any other databases by installing the databases bindings. And change the default in DATABASES to django.db.backends.postgresql if you are using sql or replace it accordingly. Now before using the database we have to create tables in the database because the different apps in INSTALLED … Read more

PyTorch Vs TensorFlow – Customize The Django Admin With Python

PyTorch Vs TensorFlow - Customize The Django Admin With Python

PyTorch vs TensorFlow for Your Python Deep Learning Project From these 2 frameworks I personally use TensorFlow. The two things I really like about TensorFlow – it’s completely open source and has excellent community support. TensorFlow has pre-written codes for most of the complex deep learning models you’ll come across, such as Recurrent Neural Networks … Read more

How to use Encapsulation and Data Abstraction In Python

Define encapsulation in Python? Encapsulation is the part of object-oriented programming (OOP). Encapsulation is packing of data and the methods or function under a single unit. This puts restriction by some members which are protected member and private member so that outside the class we cannot use the methods directly, we have to use some … Read more

Commonly Used Built-In Modules In Python-Local Variables And Global Variables In Python

What Are Local Variables And Global Variables In Python?

What are python modules? Name some commonly used built-in modules in Python? Python Module is a file which is created by developers where they placed the definitions of program to be used them in a script. In simple words, it’s a file that contains Python definitions and statements.Some commonly used built-in-modules in Python are –a.) … Read more

List / Tuples and Key Features Of Python

Difference Between List And Tuples In Python

What is the difference between list and tuples in Python? List Tuple 1) List are mutable that means we can do changes in listExample:lis=[1,2,3]lis.append(4)print(lis)output:- [1, 2, 3, 4] Tuple are immutable that’s means we cannot do changes in tuple after the tuple declarationExample:t=(1, 2, 3, 4)t.append(5)Output:- AttributeError: ‘tuple’ object has no attribute ‘append’from above example … Read more

Is, Not And In Operators in python

What is the purpose of is, not and in operators? Not Operator:- It is logical operators and its meaning is true if operand is false.Example :- Is Operator:- It is identity operators and its meaning is true if the operands are identical.Example :- In Operator:- It is membership operators and its meaning is true if … Read more

docstring python example code step by step

Docstring Python Example Code

What are docstrings in Python with example? Python documentation string is commonly known as docstring operator. It is a string literal and used in the module definition, class, function, method or description. Docstrings are declared using ”’ triple single quotes ”’ or ” ” ” triple double quotes ” ” ” and are accessed through … Read more

How to automating Facebook posts using python script.

learn How to automating Facebook posts using python script?

Welcome everyone to another my interesting python post article, Do you want to learn How to automating Facebook posts using python script? but you Don’t know how to do it? then please follow the below methods and instruction. so let’s start:  we know that Facebook is the world most popular social media platform so many … Read more

data science with python tutorial for beginners

Overview About Data Science: congratulation !! finally we done first section of python crash course_Data Science. In this section we cover following Topic: 1] Numpy 2] Pandas 3] Matplotlib 4] Seaborn 5]Pandas Built in data visualization     fig 01) Overview of Data Science | Python course_13 If you do not cover this topic, Don’t … Read more

Pandas Built in Data Visualization pandas to excel Tutorial

Pandas Built in Data Visualization Tutorial: Want to learn Pandas Built in Data Visualization?Welcome to my python crash course blog post.In the previous blog we see Data Visualization with Matplotlib and seaborn,In this lecture we will learn about pandas built-in capabilities for data visualization! In the next blog we will see what is pandas to excel … Read more