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PYTHON INTERVIEW QUESTIONS for beginner-experienced professionals

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Python Content development interns_July Well Prepare this Questions

Note That : If Interns have any questions then ask in below comment section. Student get help from this blog simply type your question in search box.

We know that Python is a very popular language for Data Science and Machine learning. A lot of companies are looking for a software developers proficient in Python programming language.

This book contains all Python interview questions from basic to expert level and this question mostly as in MNC (interviewer asks). Each question is accompanied with an answer so that you can prepare for job interview in short time.

Often, these questions and concepts are used in our daily programming work. But these are most helpful when an Interviewer is trying to test your deep knowledge of Python.

Python Interview Questions List

01 ) How to automating Facebook post using python script.explain with proper coding ? (TCS 2020 )
2) How do I post to Facebook using Python?
3) How do I find my Facebook access token?
04 ) How to use python in Embedded System as a Real Time ? (Tech Mahindra 2019)
5)How to call logging functions in python ? (WIPRO 2015)
6) How to remove string in python ?
7) Write a simple program code to get environment variables

  1. Check if string contains substring python ?
  2. Explain remove string from string python and how to get user input in python (TCS 2013)
    10.Python logging Variable Data
  3. Which databases does Python support? Explain any three. (WIPRO 2020)
  4. How will you measure the performance of your code? (Redington India Ltd)•
  5. Can you skip using a nested function in a decorator? (Mphasis Ltd.)
  6. Explain code for Yahoo Login Automation Using Python and Webdriver(FireFox) (TCS 2020)
  7. What is Dictionary , Create and Add Items (TCS2020)
  8. Write a code for Instagram Login Automation Using Python (Chromedriver) (TCS2020)
  9. How can you generate random numbers in Python? (WIPRO2014)
  10. What is the difference between range & xrange? (WIPRO2014)
  11. Write a Python program to get the volume of a sphere with radius 9. (WIPRO2014)
  12. What is self in Python?
  13. How does break, continue and pass work in python? (Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd)
  14. Write a Python program to print the documents (syntax, description etc.) of Python built-in function(s). (Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd)
  15. What is difference between a project and app in Django? Explain in details.(Tech Mahindra2018)
  16. What is Django Admin interface? (Tech Mahindra)
  17. Explain Django’s Request / Response cycle. (Tech Mahindra 2018)
  18. What are python modules? Name some commonly used built-in modules in Python?( Tata Consultancy service2020)
  19. What are local variables and global variables in Python? (Tata Consultancy service 2020)
  20. Write a Python program which accepts a sequence of comma-separated numbers from user and generate a list and a tuple with those numbers.
  21. Online code compiler and explain how to use it step by step (note: write on trinket ) (TCS2017)
  22. Python online string and explain different string methods with example code (TCS2017)
  23. Python bytes to string *(HCL Technologies 2019/TCS2020)
  24. Write a Python program to get the Python version you are using. (HCL Technologies 2019)
  25. What is the difference between list and tuples in Python? (TCS2020)
  26. What are the key features of Python?
  27. .What are docstrings in Python with example? (Mphasis Ltd.)
  28. What is the purpose of is, not and in operators? (TCS2018)
  29. Write a Python program to get a new string from a given string where “Is” has been added to the front. If the given string already begins with “Is” then return the string unchanged.
  30. Write a Python program to display the current date and time. (WIPRO2018)
  1. What type of language is python? Programming or scripting? (WIPRO2018)
  2. How is Python an interpreted language?
  3. How can you set up the database in Django step by step: (Redington India Ltd.2020)
  4. Define encapsulation in Python? (Infosys.2017)
  5. How do you do data abstraction in Python? (Infosys.2017)
  6. Write a Python program to sum of two given integers. However, if the sum is between 15 to 20 it will return 20. (Infosys.2020)
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