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Generators In Python Geeks For Geeks

generators in python geeks for geeks

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What are generators in python

Generators are used to create sequence of values such as integers, floats, Booleans, strings,etc. We
can say it as a function that generates iterator. However, main difference between them is that
normal function returns whereas generators uses yield. Generators also don’t store values , they just
iterate once. Whenever you call generator, it wont execute immediately unless and until the next()
method is called and its execution stops when yield statement has been reached. Once yield is
encountered, control is transferred to yield value. Normally, generator functions are implemented
with a loop having a suitable terminating condition.

Generators In Python Geeks For Geeks
Generators In Python Geeks For Geeks

python code for Generators In Python Geeks For Geeks

Def friend():

number = 1
yield number

number = 2
yield number

number = 3
yield number

obj = Friend() # Return a generator object. Function execution is not started yet
next(obj) # Function execution started.
# Output: Jimit
# 1
# Output: Harsh
# 2
# Output: Manthan
# 3
# Give error. As nothing to yield.

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