What’s benefits of Python programming?

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What's Benefits Of Python Programming?
What Is A Dynamically Typed Language?
What Is PEP 8 And Why Is It Important?
What’s Benefits Of Python Programming?

What’s benefits of Python programming?

Python is a Object-oriented High level programming language ,consisting
of fast open source libraries to work on ,The benefits of using python are as

  1. Vast Open Source libraries to work on.
  2. Simple and easy to learn
  3. User friendly
  4. Using Python we can work on emerging technologies like machine
    learning and data science ,since it has inbuilt modules for it
  5. From creating apps using Django to Creating Games in python is very
    simpler compared to other languages
  6. It is portable and less borne to errors
  7. It is platform independent
  8. Simpler Syntax and Dynamically typed
  9. Can work on large amounts of data at a time.
  10. It is robust and Interpreted

What is a dynamically typed language?

Dynamically typed language means we can directly assign the values to
the particular variable without initialising it. Therefore based on the type of
value inputed the language will automatically allocate data type by itself
,Dynamically typed language like python is less borne to errors and working
with that type of languages is easy . This implies that dynamic typed languages
do not require the explicit declaration of the variables before they’re used
anywhere in the program

What is PEP 8 and why is it important?

PEP stands for Python Enhancement Proposal. PEP is a document
providing information to the Python community, or describing a new feature for
Python or its processes or environment. PEP 8 is of the newest versions of
Python 3,it consist of the enhancement that has been done in this recent release

and difference between previous and new version.This PEP was first started by
the founder of Python and father of Python Guido van Rossum.
1.While working on new version, certain bit of code syntax will be changed ,
through PEP 8 we can get to know
Ex :- in Python 2 : print “hello”
In Python 3 : print(“Hello”)
2.For referring Cheatsheets

  1. For referring the changed syntax
  2. We can check for the arrival of new modules in python
  3. Makes the coding simpler
  4. PEP will be having the code for working procedure of that modules in

Summary :

In this article we saw

  1. What’s Benefits Of Python Programming?
  2. What Is A Dynamically Typed Language?
  3. What Is PEP 8 And Why Is It Important?

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